Supplemental Weights for Hand Speed Trainer

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The HST Supplemental Weight Set is designed to work with HSTs. Each weight set includes 2 one ounce, 2 two ounce and 2 three ounce weights. The weights included in this package give you the opportunity to BUILD strength in your training program by increasing resistance one ounce at a time.

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Step 1: Determine Size
Height Weight Size
4' to 5'7" 50 to 70lb Blue Small
4' to 5'7" 75 to 110lb Blue Medium
4' to 5'7" 110 to 155lb Blue Large
5'7" to 6'9" 90 to 135lb Red Small
5'7" to 6'9" 135 to 210lb Red Medium
5'7" to 6'9" 210 to 245lb Red Large