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Hand Speed Trainer... improving your path to peak performance

The Hand Speed Trainer (HST) simplifies speed, power and stamina training the old fashioned way, bringing simplicity and efficiency to lacrosse performance training. The HST gives athletes the opportunity to resistance train at full speed in game situations as well as fundamental drill work.

Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport that requires athletes to sprint repeatedly and change directions quickly all while manipulating the ball with the lacrosse stick. The Hand Speed Trainer targets the fore- arms and muscles that cross the wrist joint (brachioradialis, flexor/ extensor carpi radialis, flexor/extensor carpi ulnaris) to aid in movements of the lacrosse stick during shooting and passing. The Hand Speed Trainer makes the hands stronger and faster, making endurance levels increase. Shots are faster and more accurate because athletes can control their sticks better while also giving them the endurance so that they can continue to play at a high-level late in the game. The Hand Speed Trainers are easy to put on and very comfortable on your forearm. Athletes can wear their gloves and have a great flexibility.

In addition to traditional weightlifting movements, sprinting, and conditioning drills, exercises can be devised to specifically train the movement patterns performed during a lacrosse match. The big thing for speed training in lacrosse for stick and handwork used to be weighted sticks but the weighted sticks actually hurt your game because they threw off your mechanics. Because of the proximity of the resistance to the centerline of the body and the weight disbursement evenly across the forearm, The Hand Speed Trainer does not effect body mechanics. The Hand Speed Trainers will develop the different muscles that aren’t being developed in the weight room. These muscles are very specific for the way the stick is used in the way the ball is thrown. The Hand Speed Trainer will improve shot speed and reaction speed while improving lacrosse-specific performance.

For the first time ever you will be able to resistance train at Game Speed using Your Own Equipment in Live Situations!

CAUTION: Always consult your Physician or General Practitioner before performing any physical activity. Always check equipment for worn or damaged parts before each use and do not use if damaged. Weights are subject to a variation of + or – 5%. Some individuals may be sensitive to neoprene or neoprene blend rubber. If rash develops discontinue and consult a physician.

Functional training involves small increases in resistance to YOUR sport specific muscle groups. The HST™ is designed to meet YOUR individual needs and skill level. Training programs can be modified to reach YOUR performance goals. Start small, increase slow and watch your game reach new levels!

Step 1: Determine Size
Height Weight Size
4' to 5'7" 50 to 70lb Blue Small
4' to 5'7" 75 to 110lb Blue Medium
4' to 5'7" 110 to 155lb Blue Large
5'7" to 6'9" 90 to 135lb Red Small
5'7" to 6'9" 135 to 210lb Red Medium
5'7" to 6'9" 210 to 245lb Red Large