Weighted Arm Sleeves


The revolutionary weighted arm sleeves improve speed and power through functional strength training based on small increases in resistance to target sport-specific muscle groups. Unlike other weighted training aids, Hand Speed Trainer™ puts the resistance on the body, not the equipment, allowing increased performance without negatively impacting mechanics. The resistance in the weighted sleeves can be increased from 4 oz to 24 oz in 4 oz adjustments. The ability to increase the resistance of each HST sleeve ensures a safe, yet high-intensity training program for athletes of all ages.

Step 1: Determine Size
Height Weight Size
4' to 5'7" 50 to 70lb Blue Small
4' to 5'7" 75 to 110lb Blue Medium
4' to 5'7" 110 to 155lb Blue Large
5'7" to 6'9" 90 to 135lb Red Small
5'7" to 6'9" 135 to 210lb Red Medium
5'7" to 6'9" 210 to 245lb Red Large