About Us

Dave Owens, inventor of the Hand Speed TrainerTM has been devoted to sports training for much of his life. After his collegiate football career at the University of Tulsa and a semi-pro football stint in Europe, Dave Owens competed as an elite bobsled push athlete on the World Cup team for four seasons. He finished as high as fourth in the four-man bobsled 2000 World Championships.

Owens retired from competition after undergoing surgery for testicular cancer, but remained active in the sport as an official. Nominated for his tenacity, strength and dedication to the sport, Owens was selected to carry the Olympic torch for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Owens has worked as an FIBT official since 2002. He served as the assistant chief of competition at the 2002 Olympics and assistant race director at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games while organizing internal and external logistics for athletes and equipment.

Owens was hired as the US Women’s Bobsled Head Coach for the 2010–2011 season. At the season ending World Championships, all three of the US sleds finished in the top 10 including a silver medal performance.

Owens has coached for more than 22 years at the youth, middle school and high schools levels including the football, basketball, baseball, track and field, and strength programs.

Dave now shares his life lessons as a parent, teacher and coach. His dedication and passion flows from his heart and is flamed by his commitment to help others achieve their dreams.

Knowing athletes so well, educated in sports science, training as an Olympic athlete, learning from some of the top trainers in the world… Dave has helped close the gap by creating a training device where “the hand can actually be quicker than the eye.”

While training and competing at sports venues around the world, I recognized the need for a training device that would aide in quickness, speed and strength… the key elements that enhance athletic performance. After years of research and development, the patents pending Hand Speed Trainer™ was born. Hand Speed Trainer™ fits securely on your forearm enabling you to maintain correct body mechanics and accomplish resistance-type weight training to achieve top athletic performance.

Whatever your sport… you will find coaches and trainers endorsing and using Hand Speed Trainer™ to improve their hand speed and performance.

Dave Owens, Inventor

Step 1: Determine Size
Height Weight Size
4' to 5'7" 50 to 70lb Blue Small
4' to 5'7" 75 to 110lb Blue Medium
4' to 5'7" 110 to 155lb Blue Large
5'7" to 6'9" 90 to 135lb Red Small
5'7" to 6'9" 135 to 210lb Red Medium
5'7" to 6'9" 210 to 245lb Red Large